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First4Weeks: Week 1 Tips to Build Relationships and Connect

Update | Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The First4Weeks initiative is designed to leverage and expand on the great student success work we already have underway by implementing proven, research-based strategies that can be used by students, faculty, and College staff. The four categories of focus are:  

*Build Relationships and Connect
*Engage and Stay Encouraged
*Communicate, Celebrate, and Aspire
*Support and Collaborate

During the first four weeks of this semester, you’ll find helpful tips and links here to help students succeed in all four categories. For Spring Semester 2021, they are tailored for the remote/online environment. This week’s tips can help Build Relationships and Connect.

Ideas for faculty and staff
This semester, the First4Weeks initiative will include a series of live online, as well as on-demand online workshops, designed to help students get a great start to the semester. Connect your students to these workshops at

Visit for additional tips and strategies.


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