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Next FIX lecture to be held December 3

Update | Monday, November 22, 2021

The Office of Academic Affairs Instructional Success Committee announced that the ninth Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX) Virtual Lecture Series presentation will be held in December. Information Systems Technology Instructor John Crider will present “Experiences Updating a Class for Online Asynchronous, Online Synchronous, and Face-to-Face Modalities.” It will be held virtually on Friday, December 3 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. 

This presentation highlights an instructor’s experience updating a class to support asynchronous and synchronous online teaching during a worldwide pandemic. The course transformation provided students a Blackboard environment where more of their time could be spent focusing on instructional material and less time spent deciding what they should do next. The transformed Blackboard shell is used in face-to-face, live online, and asynchronous online modalities. 

Changes made to the class include: 

  • Recording a PowerPoint for each unit 
  • Creating an introductory video explaining each Blackboard item in the unit 
  • Creating a walk-through video of each assignment in the unit 
  • Reporting to students when they had completed all instructional videos for a unit 
  • Creating a recap for each unit, telling students how to determine if they finished all necessary steps 

In this presentation, the speaker will share experiences with using Columbus State resources for this endeavor, updating the class itself and the responses received from students. The updated class has multiple sections with full-time faculty and adjuncts teaching. Participants can expect to hear colleagues’ experiences navigating between modalities and will be invited to share their own. 

Participants will learn resources and processes they can use in their own course conversions. 

How to Register:  
1. Log in to Cornerstone.  
2, Hover mouse over "Learning."  
3. Select "Events Calendar."  
4. Scroll to the event date (12/3) and select FIX title.  
5. Select "Request." 

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