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Building a Community of Trust

Update | Monday, February 8, 2021

As part of our campaign about Academic Integrity, you will see communications titled “Building a Community of Trust,” in which we focus on good practices in building academic confidence and creating a culture of academic responsibility.

This week, we will start a series of communications to students that help them understand what academic integrity is, why it is important, and tips for academic responsibility. These will appear in the student newsletter, social media, and in the Blackboard scroll. In addition, communications encouraging students to participate in faculty office hours and appointments will be distributed. Connections established during officer hours are another important part of building a sense of community. 

For faculty, a document titled “Building a Community of Trust” is available at this link.  This document was produced based on faculty feedback over recent semesters. It provides information related to being clear about expectations, building community, and incorporating opportunities for students to practice before testing. In addition, it provides honor pledges that help support academic integrity in your classes. 

For faculty members who need assistance getting course materials removed from websites, we are offering a service through a collaboration between the Faculty Assistance Center and College Testing Services (in consultation with the Columbus State Legal Office and Student Conduct). This work is being piloted with a faculty group. With some fine-tuning, we hope to offer it more widely as the semester progresses. Stay tuned for more information on this service for faculty.

For more information, contact Tom Erney dean, Digital Education and Instructional Services, at, or Diana Wisse, senior director, Student Affairs, at


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