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Chosen Name project continues

Update | Monday, January 11, 2021

The Chosen Name project, which was instituted last semester, continues. Chosen Name allows members of the Columbus State community to provide a chosen name, pronouns, and gender identity. This information is used as data in as many places as appropriate. 

The project got an early start four years ago as a response to the Department of Education’s “Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students.” In this letter, the DOE suggested it was the responsibility of educational institutions to protect transgender students’ sensitive information under Title XI. For example, schools could protect someone’s sex assigned at birth by allowing them to self-report their own gender identity and use a chosen name instead of a legal name. 

If you are interested in making changes to your name, pronouns, or gender, you will find instructions at

The Faculty Diversity Committee developed a video on the project. 

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