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Chefs honored at culinary national conference

Update | Thursday, August 12, 2021


Event photo

Pictured above, left: Chef L. Fernando Mojica in the center with his Presidential Medallion. On his left is Chef Jason Knapp of the ACF. On his right is Chef Tom Hunt of the ACF. Above, right: Chef James Taylor receives the Cutting Edge Award from former ACF President Tom Macrina.

Three Columbus State chefs were honored with distinguished awards at the American Culinary Federation (ACF) National Conference earlier this month in Orlando, Florida.

Chefs L. Fernando Mojica, CEC, and Michele Willoughby, CEPC, received "Presidential Medallions." The Presidential Medallion is considered the highest honor given by the President of The American Culinary Federation. It is presented in recognition of outstanding representation of the ACF fundamental principles, including superior strength of character and continued contributions to ACF and the culinary industry.

Chef James Taylor, CEC, AAC, MBA, received a "Cutting Edge Award," which recognizes industry leaders, ACF chapters, and supporting agencies for their leadership and service to the culinary profession.  

Pictured below: Chef James Taylor presents Chef Michele Willoughby with her Presidential Medallion in Mitchell Hall.

Event photo

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