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Vietnamese Chicken Pho Soup Recipe


For Broth:

1 Gallon Chicken Broth

1 Each Ginger Root, peeled

1 Each Shallot, peeled and cut in halves lengthwise

1 Each Lemon Grass stalk

2 Each Star Anise pods

1 Tsp Whole cloves

1 Tsp Coriander seeds

1 Tsp Cardamom seeds

1 Tsp Fennel seeds

1 Each Cinnamon Sticks


For the noodles:

½ Gallon Water

4 Ounces Rice Noodles


For Serving:

1 Each Whole Roasted Chicken, skin removed, and with the meat pulled into bite size pieces

8 Each Mint Leaves

8 Each Basil Leaves

8 Each Cilantro stalks

1 Oz Bean Sprouts

1 Tbsp Scallions, thinly sliced

1 Each Jalapeno Pepper, thinly sliced



For Broth:

1. Cook the shallot and ginger over a grill, open flame, or a pan until the outside is charred but the inside is not burned.

2. In a small, dry sauté pan combine all the spices together and toast them over medium heat until the oils and aromas begin to release.

3. Using the back of your knife lightly crush the lemongrass then cut the lemongrass into thin slices.

4. Put the broth in a pot and add the toasted spices, lemongrass, ginger, and shallot; then bring to a simmer over medium heat. Simmer the broth for about 1 hour until all the flavors have thoroughly married.

5. Strain the broth thru a very fine sieve or cheesecloth and keep hot.


For the noodles:

1. In a pot, bring the water to a boil then put the noodles into the water and turn off the heat. Tightly cover the pot and allow the residual heat to cook the noodles until they are soft and pliable, about 15-30 minutes. After they are cooked, drain them for the water and reserve.


For serving:

1. Lightly re-heat the chicken in the broth and place into serving bowls

2. Lightly re-heat the noodles in the broth then place them in the bowl with the chicken

3. Garnish the soup with the mint, basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, scallions, and jalapeno slices