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Wellbeing initiative: 30-day movement challenge

Update | Monday, April 13, 2020

Beginning on Wednesday April 15, and continuing through May 15, Columbus State’s Wellness Program is sponsoring “Let’s move during this quarantine!” The idea is to inspire each other to find creative ways to be physically active. To take part:

·  Record daily movement (type of movement & duration or distance): tracking sheet in files of Microsoft Teams.

·   Go to Microsoft Teams and join the Wellbeing Movement Challenge Team for a tracking sheet, more details, communication, ideas, and chats. #CSCCWellbeing

·   Participation means personal satisfaction, and you will be entered into prize drawings.

·   Challenge yourself to think outside the box: How can you move in your home or outside in your neighborhood?

·   Track each day for 30 days from April 15 through May 15.

Turn in a final report by Monday, May 18 to Nichole Bowman-Glover, Wellness Program coordinator. For an additional raffle entry, turn in a weekly log to Nichole at this email link.

Any type of physical movement is encouraged, including walking, running, stretching, going up and down stairs, yoga, cleaning, and gardening. Feel free to include family and pets in your activities.


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