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Improve online instruction with free expert online seminar

Update | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Will Thalheimer is a respected researcher in the field of organizational training and development and a popular research-to-practice author and speaker. He is offering his Presentation Science course free of charge for educators during the coronavirus pandemic so educators can learn strategies to improve online instruction. Through the lens of “presentations,” Thalheimer covers essential evidence-informed strategies that help make learning stick and transfer to practice.  

Rich James, coordinator in Professional Development & Retention, highly recommends Thalheimer. To help access the seminar, James created a group in Microsoft Teams for participants to discuss what they are learning. To participate, sign up for the course at To join in discussion with fellow College employees, log in to the College’s Teams environment,  then search for and join the team “Presentation Science Course.” James created a discussion channel for each of the main modules in the course.

(Note: The team does not appear for everyone on the Create or Join Teams page. It should, however, appear in a search. A newly created team code – 0klcfw4 4 – should provide direct access to join.)


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