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Testing Center staff members reach out to students

Update | Tuesday, June 9, 2020

With the testing centers closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, testing center employees have teamed up to assist the College by calling students on the phone. Jessica Eberly, a coordinator in Admissions, says, “When we made the transition to remote work, there were some positions that could not do their full work schedule remotely.  Student Affairs Executive Director Diana Wisse worked with Donna Keely, a supervisor in Placement Testing. Together, they helped transition some College Testing Services (CTS) members to assist in Admissions outreach call campaigns.”

Eberly says they are reaching out to incoming students and returning students to encourage registration, provide guidance on the next steps, and offer support and resources. The effort began last month, and by the end of May they had reached more 750 students and made more than 2,000 phone calls. The calls are made Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

"Working on the call campaign is personally rewarding,” says Clarice Rowe. “Students express gratitude that Columbus State is reaching out to them to address their questions and concerns during these uncertain times." Sonya Delane has also been making calls. She says, “The Call Campaign has been a big source of pride for me. I've enjoyed speaking with students who are just starting school, as well as those who are on their way to a second career by way of attending Columbus State.”

In addition to Delane and Rowe, Aubree Hubbard, Brenda Dillon, David Tovar, Jennifer Siegel, Thomas Ferguson, Jailyn Canty, Roger Michaelson, Charles Davis, Tamika Jenkins, Paula Riley, Karla Thornton, Glenn Viers, Samuel Clark, Aesha Sha’heed, and Jordan Wilson have also assisted in the effort.

Eberly adds, “This truly has been a symbiotic partnership! The CTS team jumped right in to make calls and learn all the ins and outs of our campaign work. I am very grateful to Donna and Diana for their collaboration in setting up this partnership to help our students. The work this team is doing with our outreach campaigns is making a difference in enrollment and the lives of our students one call at a time.”

In the coming weeks, members of Professional Development and Retention will be training in order to join in and assist with the call campaign.


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