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Microsoft Teams update

Update | Monday, August 10, 2020

Microsoft Teams has a new meeting and calling experience for the desktop app that is now available to all users. You may enable it by turning on the new experience in Teams .

These features are only available in the desktop version of Teams, which is recommended for full functionality. 

Features in the new meeting experience include:

  • Meetings and calls pop out into their own window for convenience
  • Meeting and call controls are docked at the top of the meeting making them easily accessible without blocking content being shared
  •  New views to change the way you collaborate and connect with others

Below: Large Gallery view - 7x7 video is here- See up to 49 video streams at one time. 

A photo of a virutal meeting with 49 people.

Below: Together mode- Makes you feel like you are all in the same room; great for group discussions or instructors who miss the classroom.

A photo of a virtual meeting with a large group of people.

For assistance with the new meeting experience, check out the knowledge base article New Meeting Experience in Teams.   

Dial-in to Teams meetings
You can now dial-in by phone to Teams meetings. Employees should notice a dial-in number in their Teams meeting invites now. 

Coming soon to Teams

  • Breakout rooms
  • Dynamic view
  • Live reactions
  • Whiteboard updates 

If you need assistance with Teams or other technology, contact the IT Support Center at 614-287-5050, or email, or link to the webpage at

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