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Business Management student making masks for friends, family, public

Update | Tuesday, July 21, 2020

 A picture of ten of the masks that Jesse has made for friends and family.

                                         (Above: Ten handmade masks by student Jesse Diedrich)

Last year, Jesse Diedrich was a College Credit Plus student at the Delaware Campus. This year, she’ll be a full-fledged college student following her spring graduation from Olentangy Berlin High School. The Delaware resident is studying Business Management and said, “I like Columbus State because it allowed me to start studying in high school, and it’s close to home!”

Diedrich estimates each cotton mask takes about ten minutes to make.  “I decided to make masks because I had a family member in another state ask for some,” she said. And that led her to continue the effort. “Since then, I have made nearly 400 masks. In order to get them to people, I have been asking that they pick them up from my porch. That’s easiest for me since I am considered an at-risk person for COVID-19.”


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