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Student Conduct update

Update | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Student Conduct update As we navigate virtual learning at the College, the Office of Student Conduct points out that more students than ever will need resources and support to be successful in pursuing their education. The Columbus State Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) continues to be a multi-faceted resource for faculty, staff, and students.

The BIT is ready to partner with employees to address student behaviors beyond the typical matters of classroom management so that you can focus on providing students with a safe and successful educational experience. If you have general concerns about an individual's behavior, which may indicate a need for resources and support, please complete an informational report online at this link.

If you are unsure whether the concern is appropriate for the BIT, they are available for consultation about proper responses for any behavioral issues that impact students or the College environment. Team members include representatives from Student Conduct, Counseling Services, Disability Services, Victim Advocacy, Equity and Compliance, the Police Department, and Human Resources. No issue is too small to share with the team; trust your instincts, and consult with the BIT.

Employees have access to a brief training session to learn how to use BIT effectively. (It is less than 20 minutes.) To access the training, please log in to Cornerstone. Use the learning tab/learning search and type in “BIT” to find the module entitled “Engaging the Behavioral Intervention Team.”

For supplemental information about the BIT at a glance (including contact information), please see the online brochure at this link. Team members are prepared to consult and walk through how best to engage the process in this virtual environment.


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