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New feature on Starfish

Update | Monday, March 23, 2020

Starfish is a tool to provide kudos, referrals, or flags for students, and to alert those who can support students in their journeys. It is a high-tech tool that leads to outreach and personal and customized support for students when they need it most. 

Starfish has now added a new option. The role-based “select all” feature allows faculty, advisors, coordinators, and other support staff to bulk message students without having to do so screen-by-screen. To use the feature:

1)    From the My Students, Tracking, or Intake page, check the Select All checkbox to select all students that meet your search criteria.  You'll notice at the bottom of the page the total number of students that have been selected.

2)    Perform your bulk action such as send a message or raise a flag, etc.

   a.    Remember, you may only perform bulk actions based on permissions set by your Starfish Administrator.

   b.    If you have selected less than 50 students, the system will process your request immediately.

   c.     If you have selected 50 or more students, the system processes the selection as a batch action to avoid system performance issues.

3)    If you selected 50 or more students, you will receive the following confirmation page. Select “Yes,” and “Finish” to confirm your selection.

4)    Next, you will receive a message indicating your batch action has been queued.

5)    Once queued, there are several options you can do next:

   a.    Go back to Student List upon selection your batch request begins, and you are returned to the My Students page.

   b.    Review queued items on the Home page upon selection your batch request begins, and you are directed to the Home page where you can track the status of the action(s) in the Batch Sent Items widget.

   c.     Cancel upon selection your batch send job is canceled. No action has occurred.

If you have questions about this feature, contact Teddi Lewis-Hotopp at extension 2866. 


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