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Storytellers prepare for Service Awards celebration

Update | Tuesday, February 4, 2020

 Group shot of 10 storyteller participants.

(Pictured left to right, Paula Teeter, Pat Fabrisi, Elycia Taylor, Jo Yin Tang, Steve Abbott, Annie Clausen, RoseMary Mayberry, Chris Evenson, Barbara Allen, and Gloria Rogiers. Not pictured: Tim Davis.) 

The 2019 Service Awards Speakers took part in a Story Summit in WD on January 27. It was led by Elycia Taylor, instructor in Languages and of Communication, along with Barbara Allen and Paula Teeter in Professional Development and Retention. The speakers will play a role in the Service Awards celebration on February 28. Each speaker has been at the College for as little as five years and as many as 40 years. They each developed their own story of belonging and will share it with more than 350 employees being honored for service to Columbus State.

Allen says, “Cheyenne storyteller Lance Henson believes stories are gifts and it is up to us to share and receive them. Listening and witnessing our employees’ stories was a magical reminder of the powerful, personal narratives that weave together the tapestry that is Columbus State. It will be an amazing reflection on our history and a joyous celebration!”    

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