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Staff Employees of the Month

Update | Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A specialist in the Non-Credit Registration Office was chosen as the full-time Staff Employee of the Month and a librarian was selected as the part-time Staff Employee of the Month last week at First Wednesday.

Marsha PhillipsStaff Employee of the Month: Marsha Phillips
Marsha Phillips, specialist in the Non-Credit Registration Office, was named the Staff Employee of the Month at last week’s First Wednesday. Phillips stepped up last year in the absence of a coordinator and took over many projects and tasks of that role. Chaylee Liberator, a supervisor in Workforce Innovation, nominated Phillips. “Marsha does not know how to meet an expectation, she only knows how to exceed,” said Liberator. She adds, “Marsha has provided food and transportation to students in need and understand that each student’s experience is important.”




Lorien AndersonPart-time Staff Employee of the Month: Lorien Anderson
Lorien Anderson, librarian, was selected as the Part-time Staff Employee of the Month. She was nominated by Kristine Kinzer for her work as both a reference and instruction librarian and as a writing tutor at the Delaware Campus. Anderson has been with the College since 2015. In one instance, Kinzer said she witnessed Anderson assisting an English as a Second Language student with multiple writing projects. “The student requested help (and) Lorien devoted about an hour and a half of time to this student. At the end of the session, the student was clearly grateful.”

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