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Staff Employee of the Month

Update | Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A picture of Laura Wittel.

Nine people signed their name to the nomination form for the latest Staff Employee of the Month. The honor went to Laura Wittel, an analyst from Institutional Effectiveness. Although she’s relatively new to the College, Paul Rusinko, assistant director of Institutional Effectiveness, says, “Laura is one of the rare individuals who can translate her expertise managing data to produce relevant, timely, insightful reports and present to diverse colleagues in order to paint a quantitatively supported picture.” 

Sherry Minton, director of the College Credit Plus Curriculum, says, “I am always amazed when I ask her if a certain set of data could be pulled. She investigates and has the information back at lightning speed.” 

In addition to Rusinko and Minton, the other employees who signed Wittel’s nomination are Tracey Walterbusch, Kevin Rooney, Nick Grimmer, Patrick Bookman, Scott Wegeng, Sarah Rainwater, and Lauren Jones.


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