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Staff Employee of the Month

Update | Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Tewolde Haile.A teaching assistant in Biological & Physical Sciences, who began as a part-time lab technician for the College’s regional centers in 2005, is the Staff Employee of the Month.  It was announced during the First Wednesday livestream that Tewolde Haile was selected for the honor.

Julie Posey, an assistant professor in the department, said that since Haile transitioned into his full-time role in 2018 on the Columbus Campus that the “change has been dramatic.” Posey said he has overhauled the biology labs and pays close attention to organization and cleanliness. “Tewolde does more than we ask him to. It makes our job look easy and we can walk in with a smile,” said Posey.

Photo of J. PoseyTewolde Haile


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