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SEaL highlights new options for CougarConnect

Update | Friday, June 26, 2020

Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL) has new features available for any group, office, or department that has a CougarConnect page.

You can now embed videos in several places on your CougarConnect page. This is a great opportunity to reach out to students and community members in a new way. Embedding a video gives them a quick, personal, and engaging view of what makes your office or group amazing.

Here’s how:

1. Upload your video to a Youtube channel or Vimeo channel. Make sure the visibility of the video is public. Find where it says ‘Share’ and make sure the link to the video is copied.

2. Head over to CougarConnect; when making edits to the following areas, look for the chain symbol (ꚙ), and once you select it, input the link to the Youtube or Vimeo video. You don’t have to link it to any text on the page. You can leave it blank if you want and still embed a video. The video will automatically be embedded at the location of your link. Make sure to save your work and allow up to 10 minutes for CougarConnect to update before the video appears. (Don’t forget to try refreshing the page if you do not see it.)

So, where can you embed videos?

1. Organization Descriptions – also known as your ‘About’ profile – to see an example of this, check out the Student Ambassador Leadership Program page on CougarConnect.

2. Events – A video can be embedded in your Event description.

3. Forms – In most form question types, you can include a video in the question itself!

4. News Post – When you want to share updates with the Columbus State community, you can now include a video in the News Post.

5. Organization Gallery – You may now upload videos along with photos from events. On the Edit Album page, there is a new Videos section as well as an Add Video button.  (When clicked, you will be prompted to enter your video URL as well as a title and description.)

6. Paths – Videos can be embedded in your Path description, Domain descriptions, and Item descriptions.

New ways to add photos
You can add still images in two new places:

1. News – When creating a News Post, there is now an Image button in the Body section of the news article, which will allow you to add additional images.
2. Forms - You can now embed images in form questions. 


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