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Student finds internship in Russia

Update | Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Autumn semester found one of our Supply Chain Management students completing his internship requirement with a company in Russia.  Artyom Edwards, who is from Russia, worked at Mettalloproduktsia, based in St. Petersburg. The company designs and manufactures custom parts for the automotive and off-road vehicle industries.

During the internship, he helped Metalloproduktsia prepare for November’s Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas. He had to find specific, unusual vehicles to rent, get permission to modify them, get insurance, buy materials for the booth, ship products and do all the registration paperwork and coordination for the show itself.

Edwards says the work was difficult, but rewarding. “I was genuinely surprised that they put this much responsibility on me, but I am glad that they did.” He said. “Columbus State has an outstanding associate’s program in logistics, and the courses really give students the knowledge and information needed to prepare them for entering into logistics careers or similar fields.”  

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