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Promotion and Tenure

Update | Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Columbus State Board of Trustees heard and approved the recommendations for faculty tenure, and promotion to assistant professor, at last month’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

Alison Romanowski, Nursing

Diane Souza, Sport & Exercise Studies and Hospitality Programs

Abbey Billups, Nursing

Ericka Purtee, Nursing

Jill Ritchey, Nursing

Kendra Barker-Poirier, Allied Health Professions

Rochelle Burton, Nursing

Elycia Taylor, Languages and Communication

Andrew Kerr, Mathematics

Sean O’Neill, Mathematics

Jessica Wohlgamuth-Benedum, Biological & Physical Sciences

Angela Howard, Biological & Physical Sciences

Ruey Bruce, Biological & Physical Sciences

Robert Platt, Information Systems Technology

Lawrence McWherter, Information Systems Technology

Jeremy Banta, Engineering & Transport Technology


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