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Popovich is co-principal investigator on $15,000 grant program

Update | Tuesday, August 4, 2020

photo of Jack PopovichJack Popovich, professor of Business Programs, is a co-principal investigator on a NextGen Scholarship and Grant Program at Franklin University. The program will impact students at Franklin, Columbus State, and Ohio State University.

As designed, it presents an innovative joint effort across the three institutions, and in collaboration with the Financial Planning Association of Central Ohio.

Popovich says, “This pilot is designed to offer a memorable course experience through active participation in a high-impact project that links students to a career in financial planning early in their education and sets them on a pathway to the CFP® certification.”

The pilot will be critical for making this experience a permanent component of our “Fundamentals” courses at Franklin and Ohio State and the “Finance Capstone” at Columbus State Community College.

Pairs of students in the “Fundamentals” course are assigned to a volunteer independent financial advisor of the local FPA chapter. In all, there will be about 50 pairs with about 20 independent advisors. Student pairs will provide financial navigation by performing the intake tasks and observe the student-client’s meeting with the advisor. Intake includes a phone or video call with student-clients to identify financial goals, review monthly cash-flow budgets, select campus assistance from a resource sheet, and set expectations for the financial planning session with the advisor. 

Student navigators participate in the video planning session of the student-client with the advisor if permission is given. Each student pair will navigate three student-clients during the semester (one client per month, starting in month two of the semester). It will be an optional component of Columbus State’s Finance Capstone course.


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