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Pay rates increasing for student employees

Update | Friday, December 18, 2020

Student employment at Columbus State is a transformational, holistic experience. College student employees complete more credit hours, have higher GPA’s, and complete their programs of study at a higher rate than our general student population.

It is our goal to encourage more students to participate in our high-impact student employment program. The program focuses on career and leadership development and helps students develop practical skills to aid them in their future careers. Increasing the pay rates for student employees will allow us to remain competitive with wages being offered in the broader regional labor market, such as entry-level retail and food services. It will also be reflective of the high skill level, professionalism, and leadership required of our student employees. 

Student employee pay rates effective January 1, 2021
Federal Work-Study II/College Work-Study II - $10.00 per hour

Federal Work-Study III/College Work-Study III - $12.00 per hour 

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