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Update | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Navigator Corps Volunteer Initiative is a new and exciting opportunity to provide one-on-one case management for students experiencing transactional barriers to College enrollment and course registration. Navigator Corps volunteers will be assigned to a specific cohort of students identified as “enrollment ready,” and partner with those students to get reengaged with the College and realigned with their learning journeys.

The Navigator Corps Volunteer (NCV) position is designed to provide College employees with the opportunity to provide meaningful support to students through the facilitation of institutional and resource connections, thoughtful responses to student inquiries, and ensuring that any appropriate action is done timely and professionally. Navigators will correspond with students utilizing electronic, virtual, and telephone methods.

Ideal candidates will possess a love for the College, belief in its ability to transform lives, and a passion for listening and helping, these characteristics are more important in this role than is a deep knowledge of College systems and solutions. A willingness to "walk with" students in search of solutions is the key attribute.

The duration of Volunteer service is anticipated to extend through Autumn Semester, with the option to extend service through the Spring Semester. NCVs will participate in formal training where they will learn cold-call techniques and scripting, empathetic and interpersonal relationship management, how to work through difficult conversations with students, the importance and promotion of self-care, and leveraging the College website and select Information Management Systems for impact and efficacy. The temporary job reassignment will occur in either 8-hour or 20-hour increments, based on a standard 40-hour work week. Supervisory approval is a requisite condition of the temporary job reassignment. As an incentive, Employee Navigators will have the opportunity to participate in the Columbus State Gallup Strengths Finders experience. 

If you are interested in joining the Navigator Corps, please complete
this questionnaire so we can learn a little more about you. If you have any insights or questions to share about this initiative, contact Sarah Baker at


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