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Volunteering at the Mid-Ohio Market at Columbus State

Update | Friday, January 17, 2020

New training videos for volunteers are now available for anyone that would like to assist for a few hours each week at the Mid-Ohio Market. With the Market back in operation, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If you completed training last semester, you’re able to sign up right now at

 If you have not completed training, you can sign up and review five short training videos at this link.  (Once you fill out the first page on the link, you’ll be directed to other pages with the brief videos.)

They include:

Video one – Introduction

Video two – Civil Rights and Compliance Training

Video three – Customer Service (PantryTrak)

Video four – Using PantryTrak

Video five – Using Volunteer Hub

If you have questions, contact Lisa Phillips, administrator, Student Affairs, at extension 2503.  


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