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Reporting lost, stolen, or damaged college-provided computing resources

Update | Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Reporting college-provided computing resources that are lost, stolen, or damaged as the result of criminal activity is vital to ensure the resources are tracked, documented, and secured. Information Technology, in partnership with the Columbus State Police Department, has developed steps to follow. Computing resources examples include, but are not limited to: laptops, mobile phones, hotspots, computers, document cameras, projectors, and printers.

Lost or stolen items
Contact the Columbus State Police Department at 614-287-2525 to file a report immediately. If ​the loss, theft, or criminal damage occurred off-campus, a local report will ​also need to be filed ​with the law enforcement agency where it occurred.  Our police department can assist you in contacting the local authorities.

Damaged items 
Computing resources ​that have been damaged should be reported immediately to the Information Technology Support Center by emailing, or by calling 614-287-5050.

In all cases
Contact your immediate supervisor to report the loss, theft, or damaged computing resource. 

The collection and disposal of Lost and Found items is the responsibility of the Columbus State Police Department. Items will be retained for 90 calendar days and then disposed of in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and Columbus State Police Department procedures. For more information about the Lost and Found collection, visit the Police Department Lost and Found website.

If you get a suspicious or phishing email, report it. Email, or call the IT Support Center at 614-287-5050.


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