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American Heart Association advice

Update | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting daily life, the American Heart Association has tips to assist with physical activity, stress, and healthy eating habits.

Physical Activity
Work out while you’re working at home, without carving out a big chunk of time. It can be done by taking all those little opportunities to move more throughout your day. Read more here. 

Dealing with stress
Getting enough sleep can go a long way to help reduce stress. Seven to nine hours of deep sleep can put you in the best state of mind. Read more here on ways to plan your bedtime routine so you wake up feeling well-rested and ready for the next day.

Healthy Eating
If you’re concerned about having healthy foods on hand while limiting your exposure to crowds, these shelf-stable ingredients can be used for heart-healthy dishes:

  •          Canned, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables (low or no salt and sugar options)
  •          Canned meats such as light tuna or white meat chicken packed in water
  •          Frozen chicken is safe for one-year with freezer set to zero degrees
  •          Dried beans and legumes (or canned with no salt added)
  •          Dried whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa
  •          Dried herbs and spices
  •          Shelled eggs are safe for three-to-five weeks
  •          Unopened egg substitute is safe up to one year in the refrigerator  


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