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New grading tool for Blackboard

Update | Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Starting at the beginning of Summer Semester, May 25, faculty will be grading student assignments in Blackboard using a new tool called Blackboard Annotate

Blackboard Annotate replaces the New Box View. Annotate offers a more robust feature set for instructors to provide customizable feedback to students. Features include:

  • A sidebar summary view
  • Freehand drawing tools
  • Various color selections
  • Search
  • Content Library
  • And more

Links to tutorials:


Blackboard resources:

Student guide:

Faculty currently using the New Box View inline grading feature
Courses with inline grading annotations made prior to May 25 may take several days to convert to the Annotate format. Annotate works with Blackboard’s Instructor app but Annotate will not work on the Blackboard app for students.

Please contact the Faculty Assistance Center (FAC) with any questions at
Note: Phone calls to the FAC aren’t answered. They become emails in the intake system.




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