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First4Weeks - week-two tips: Engage and Encourage

Update | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Proven, research-based strategies make a positive difference for students. The First4Weeks initiative is designed to leverage and expand on the great student success work we already have underway by focusing on four categories:

*Build Relationships and Connect
*Engage and Encourage
*Communicate, Celebrate, and Inspire
*Support and Collaborate

During the first four weeks of this semester, you’ll find helpful tips and links here for each category. This week’s tips can help Engage and Encourage students.

Ideas for faculty
Faculty members have developed various ways to engage students. One example that has been used by faculty is to communicate the “why” behind assignments. That helps students connect with the bigger picture for the course.

Ideas for staff
Listen and let a student talk through a problem. Help them talk their way through to the solution that is best for them.

Visit for additional tips and strategies.

Faculty and staff can join the First4Weeks blackboard community to share best practices and find new ideas! Email to request to be added to the community.


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