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Faculty Professional Development Initiative (FPDi) November workshops

Update | Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Do you want to learn how you can use Active and Collaborative Learning (ACL) techniques to assess your students' knowledge base and understanding of course concepts (workshop: Assessment and ACL)?  Do you want to know how to enhance Critical Thinking disposition in students (workshop: Critical Thinking Level 3)? Or learn how being an active listener can help enhance learning of how a student’s personal reality does not always coincide with their intellectual knowledge (workshop: Diversity: Equity)? Or do you want to learn how using writing can help instructors to assess the depth and breadth of student learning, identify and address learning gaps, and provide forums for students to share ideas, feedback, and content (workshop: Building Writing/Reading Skills)?

Join the Faculty Professional Development Initiative (FPDi) team to collaborate and explore Active and Collaborative Learning (ACL) for all aspects of student teaching and learning. Within the context of ACL, we will focus on four other key areas of teaching and learning with the goal of integrating business and industry-identified needs into course outcomes: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Critical Thinking, Building Writing and Reading Skills in all Disciplines, and Leveraging Teaching with Technology.

**Registration is in Cornerstone.  Search for “FPDI” in the Learning Tab.  

The poster with the dates in November for FPDi events.

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