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Degrees restaurant opens in Mitchell Hall

Update | Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The ribbon cutting outside of Degrees

(Above: President Harrison (second from right holding the ribbon) and Cameron Mitchell (third from right) were among the VIPS who helped cut the ribbon on January 22 for Degrees restaurant in Mitchell Hall. The restaurant is now open for lunch and dinner when classes are in session.)

The long-awaited opening of Degrees in Mitchell Hall attracted a crowd to witness the official ribbon cutting. The event was held Wednesday, January 22.

Ahead of the ceremonial opening, President Harrison spoke just outside the restaurant. “The catalytic nature of Mitchell Hall for this College and this community is something that will be measured in decades,” he said. “And it happened because Cameron Mitchell said, ‘How do we do this? How do we do it together?’”

Mitchell then spoke and reflected on a building with his name attached. “Think about this building, not even the transformation of the culinary program but of Columbus State in general,” he said. “This College will continue to rise and shine here in the Columbus community and continue to fill a great need to many tens of thousands of students who will come here in the future.”

The opening helps complete Mitchell Hall and the ambitious $34.5 million public-private project which broke ground in mid-2018. Degrees follows the October opening of Blend bakery and cafe. 

Degrees and Blend are open Monday through Friday when the College is in session. Degrees serves lunch and dinner; Blend offers light breakfast and lunch options.

A video recap is at this link.

Photo gallery of ribbon-cutting. (Use arrows in the middle left or middle right to view photos.)

Degrees website.

All food operation hours.


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