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Nominate a student for the Society of the Compass

Update | Thursday, January 16, 2020

Faculty members usually know well-deserving students who combine scholarship, leadership, and service. The Society of the Compass Committee would like you to nominate singular students meeting those criteria who cross your path.

Eligible students include those who graduated during Summer and Autumn semesters in 2019, and those who will be graduating this semester. The selected students will each receive a $500 award, a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment, and a Society of the Compass membership medallion inscribed with their name.

The nomination form has been updated this year to be more user-friendly. Any faculty member can nominate a student. Follow this link to see the rest of the qualities of a worthy nominee, as well as the Society Creed, and the nomination form. The form can be found by clicking on “nomination process” on the upper right side of the web page.

Nominations are due by Friday, February 14, 2020.

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