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Changes await once campus life begins to reemerge

Update | Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A picture of Union Cafe from outside of the building looking at the entrance and new sign.

While we don’t know yet when the Columbus Campus will reopen, there are some long-awaited improvements that will greet you. Several weeks ago, construction crews removed the overhead utility lines in front of Mitchell Hall. Now, the reconstruction of the entrance to Union Hall – pictured above last Thursday – is nearly complete. This was one of the final pieces of the multi-year renovation of the 1970s-era building.

Work began on the $1.3 million entrance project in November. The changes include a ramp that is ADA approved, an upper patio, and an exterior sign for Union Cafe. Patio furniture and umbrellas will be added in the coming weeks. In addition, new wireless access points and USB charging exterior outlets have been installed. And circuitry has been added that that can be utilized for outdoor events such as Spring Fling and Taste the Future.

Da Nite Sign company produced the Union Cafe sign. “That’s the same contractor that performed refurbishing on all of the updated signage across campus,” said Eric McMillon, project manager for Facilities Planning Design & Construction. “The font for the sign matches the same branding we did for the Union Cafe project two years ago. And the color for the blue signage board matches our branding standards.”  


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