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‘Baddest’ student resume makeover event a success

Update | Monday, June 29, 2020

“Career Services Virtual Survivor with Julie: Voting the ‘Baddest’ Resume off of the Job Search Island” engaged students, staff, faculty, and alumni on June 23 with valuable information about how to create a winning resume.

Among student feedback:

  • “I found the presentation very helpful, informative, and fun. I never had the opportunity to attend one before and I'm happy that I did today.”
  • “I loved this event! I had so much fun learning about resumes and I really enjoyed the new information that was given. Now my resume will be 100 times better! Thank you!”
  •  “One of the best webinars I've attended! It was fun while being very informative.”

100% of the students surveyed found this opportunity helpful, with 90% rating the event as helpful/very helpful and informative. All of the students shared that because of this event, they are more likely to utilize Career Services.

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