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Academic Council welcomes new committee members

Update | Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The results are in from this spring’s Academic Council election. Twenty-six faculty members representing a broad range of disciplines are joining the following committees:

Academic Pathways: TJ Duda, Professor, Math; Shawn Casey, Associate Professor, English; Angela Fry, Associate Professor, Human Services; and Ericka Purtee, Instructor, Nursing.

Academic Rules and Policies: Chris Dennis, Instructor, Supply Chain Management.

Curriculum: Amy Hatfield, Associate Professor, Mathematics; Nicholas Shay, Assistant Professor, Mathematics; Amy Hart, Professor, Hospitality and Sports Management; and Britney Williams-Ward, Instructor, Information Systems Technology/Data Analytics.

Digital Learning: Anjali Gupta, Assistant Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences.

Diversity and Inclusion: Dylan Canter, Assistant Professor, English; Michael Hailu, Associate Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences; Reuel Barksdale, Professor, Business Programs; and Royce Carpenter, Assistant Professor, Interpreter Education Program/ASL.

Dual Enrollment: Whitney Larson, Instructor, English.

Faculty Entry, Training, and Professional Development: Mark Earley, Assistant Professor, Mathematics; Louis Ricciardi, Instructor, Interpreter Education Program.

Honors: Drew Olson, Instructor, English.

Instructional Success: John Crider, Instructor, Computer Science.

Promotion and Tenure Process: Frank Barnhart, Associate Professor, Theatre/Humanities.

Service Learning: Matthew Connolly, Instructor, English; Beth Vetter, Instructor, Dental Hygiene; Jacqueline Lovelace, Instructor, Business Programs.

Student Support: Charvella McKaye, Assistant Professor, Human Services; Deb Mosman, Instructor, Nursing; Sara Yurkovic, Instructor, Interpreter Education Program.

Academic Council thanks all new members for their willingness to serve.  



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