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Staff Employees of the Month

Update | Monday, October 14, 2019

Maria Santiago, specialist in Business and Industry, is the Staff Employee of the Month. She was nominated by her supervisor, Chaylee Liberator. “Maria is student and client-focused and always provides a level of service that makes the students and companies feel heard,” says Liberator. “She is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow by participating in professional development activities, volunteering, and soliciting feedback. She is very deserving of this award.”

Marwan Khasawneh is the Part-time Staff Employee of the Month. He had ties to the College before working in his current position as an advisor in the Center for Advising, Support, and Exploration. He’s a graduate, and he worked at Columbus State as an advisor from 2000-2005. Darla Van Horn, coordinator in Student Advocacy, nominated Khasawneh. “I have overheard him start a conversation (with a student) in English,” she said. “Then if he speaks their native language, he communicates with them in their chosen language. This provides a holistic approach and makes them feel welcome.” 


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