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Staff Employees of the Month

Update | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

photo of C. KellerStaff Employee of the Month: Chris Keller
Chris Keller was named the Staff Employee of the Month during First Wednesday, November 6. Keller is the laboratory coordinator for all Biological and Physical Sciences, and oversees more than 20 labs in all. In nominating him, Susannah Longenbaker, professor, said, “Chris consistently takes the initiative to improve laboratory operations. If you have a question about the lab, he knows the answer right away, or finds out! One can count on Chris to support faculty and staff alike. He models a great attitude and professionalism to his colleagues, and that’s the essence of the Columbus State spirit.”



photo of C. FaurePart-time Staff Employee of the Month: Chloe Faure
Nominator Pat Fabrisi, associate vice president, says that of all the things Chloe Faure says and does, one of her most common question is “How can I help?” and her response to a “thank you” is often “I am happy to help.” Faure was, at the time of the nomination, a specialist for the executive dean of Student Affairs. (She’s now an administrative assistant at the Foundation.) Fabrisi adds that it is rare for someone to be at ease and to so consistently add value in performing (many) wide-ranging tasks, and Chloe Faure has a special brand of confidence and lets you know whatever has been requested is in good hands.


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