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New distribution days and deadlines for Update and Campus Insider

Update | Thursday, October 31, 2019

With the arrival of the new Employee Website, which launches tomorrow, November 1, Update deadlines and distribution will be changing for the first time in more than a decade. Currently, Update is distributed on the outdated Legacy platform. That’s why, after you return from vacation or time off and click on a story from an older Update email, it takes you to the current issue, not the story itself.

That will all change with the new Employee Website. The new system uses an RSS feed similar to the news section of the main website, which means that each story will have a unique link that works permanently. Under the current system, news must wait until Monday or Thursday when the headlines are sent out in the Update email. Going forward, if there’s an essential item that is time-sensitive, it will be posted in Update right away. The new Update is prominently featured on the homepage of the Employee Website. (Note: if there’s an urgent matter, a separate “global” email will still be sent to all faculty and staff immediately.)

Starting next week, the email digest with recent headlines will be sent out each Tuesday, but employees can check Update on the Employee Website for the latest news at any time during the week. Tuesday was chosen as the best day for the email digest for several reasons, including the ability to work around several federal Monday holidays when the College is closed. 

With Update publishing on Tuesday morning, stories and announcements should be submitted the prior week, with a deadline of 5 p.m. on Friday. And for those occasional times when a time-sensitive item is posted immediately to the Update page, that item will still have a headline in the following week’s Update email headlines so that all employees will see the news.

Campus Insider
The weekly student newsletter is Campus Insider. For years it has been sent out each Wednesday. What we’ve found is that many items that students need to know about can happen on Monday and Tuesday.

Going forward, we’ll be sending out Campus Insider first thing Monday morning so that students can see what’s coming up in the week ahead. Therefore, if you have items that students need to know about, send them to the week prior. (In the event the College is closed on Monday, Campus Insider will be sent out on Tuesday.)



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