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Direct deposit security reminder

Update | Thursday, October 31, 2019

An important security feature has been added to Columbus State’s CougarWeb. Beginning November 1, you will be able to manage your own payroll direct deposit accounts through CougarWeb. This means that direct payroll deposits will no longer be managed by a paper process. Instead, they will be electronically managed by each employee. In order to add a new account, you will need a routing number (a nine-digit number that identifies your bank) and your account number. Both are at the bottom of a check. The routing number is first going from left to right, followed by the account number.

In order to change an existing account or add an additional account, you will be given the last four digits of a current account you have set up with payroll. You will need to supply that entire account number to gain access to your direct deposit profile. This is an added layer of security to protect your confidential information. (Changes and new accounts may take up to two payroll cycles to be active.)

To see if your change is effective, log in to CougarWeb and look at your most current earnings statement. If the payment has been directly deposited, at the bottom of the earnings statement, you will see “Deposit Information.” Your bank name and the last four digits of your account number(s) will be shown there. If it has been processed as a paper check, there will be no account information listed.

NOTE: If you currently have direct deposit and are not making any changes, you do not need to take any action. This is only for new accounts or add-on accounts.


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