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Ten tips to protect your information during holiday the season

Update | Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity. Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) is one of the biggest single online shopping days. When you shop in person, you may already practice safe habits such as locking the car, hiding valuables out of sight, and storing your credit card in a safe place. Similar habits can protect you, your purchases, and your identity when you shop online. Here are ten easy tips:

 1.    Shop reliable sites: shop trusted websites

2.    Beware of seasonal scams: scammers often target holidays and large events

3.    Read reviews, conduct research: do your research on products and sites

4.    Think before you click: think twice before you click on links or open attachments

5.    Update software: keep antivirus and software up-to-date

6.    Protect your passwords: make passwords strong; never share them

7.    Shop safe online: https

8.    Review your purchases: check bank and credit card statements regularly

9.    Secure your home Wi-Fi: enable security and change default passwords

10.  Connect safely: avoid free Wi-Fi

If you get a suspicious email at work, report it by emailing or call the IT Support Center at extension 5050.

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