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CARES Advocate training in December

Update | Thursday, November 21, 2019

You are invited to take part in CARES (Connections and Resources for Every Student) Advocate training in December. It has been expanded to include two parts and you will earn a CARES Advocate certificate upon completion.

CARES Advocate training is for Columbus State employees who want to learn more about how to support students who are experiencing barriers or challenges impacting their success.  As a CARES Advocate, you can provide an additional layer of support to connect students in need to resources for help.

Part one training focuses on how to serve as an effective advocate for students.  You’ll learn:

• Barriers our students are experiencing, such as housing and food insecurity
• The impact of poverty and trauma
• Stages and readiness for change/action
• What to say, questions to ask: what’s helpful, what’s not
• The best ways to demonstrate empathy and sympathy
• Healthy boundaries
• Helping students develop an action plan

Completing part one allows you to continue with part two. That training focuses on crucial college and community resources for support, including key information located on our website. You will review the services provided by Student Advocacy and explain how to make referrals to team members. Several case studies will be addressed.  

To take part, sign in and register on Cornerstone (go to the Learning Tab, Select Learning Search, and type in CARES). Several sessions will be offered in December.

For more information, contact Tari Blaney or Nancy Smith.


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