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Our Ongoing Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Moving Forward, Safely, Together

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One of the characteristics that makes Columbus State special is that we are more than a College. We are a community. Every day, whatever our role, each of us commits the best of our energy and resourcefulness to support our students and each other.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we identified the health and safety of the College community as our primary concern. Health—physical and emotional—is an essential concern for each of us. And the best way we can demonstrate our shared commitment to the success and wellbeing of the College community is by changing our norms to act on behalf of others and keep each other safe.

Columbus State has announced that student instruction and services will remain primarily remote for Autumn semester. Some exceptions will be made for in-person instruction and support when remote options are insufficient. With very few exceptions, employees will continue to telework.

We are making solid progress updating the Autumn course schedule to reflect how coursework will be delivered – in-person, live online or asynchronously online. For coursework approved to be in-person, we are working through safety protocols specific to each course. Over the next week, we will be reaching out to various work groups and stakeholders to finalize all of the information we need to get to students in order to prepare them for a successful Autumn term. We will also be updating the COVID-19 webpage and related communications, so please watch your email and visit this page often.

For those who do come to our campuses, we have implemented significant changes to the way we enter, navigate, and coexist at Columbus State. These changes include requiring facial coverings, daily health self-assessments for employees prior to coming to campus, new cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and controlling the flow and interaction of people to maintain appropriate distance.

These guidelines and procedures, described in detail at the links below, are based on the best information we have now. We’ll adapt this information as new guidance and feedback emerges, so please check back frequently. Additional guidance is forthcoming this month.

While these steps may feel unfamiliar and at odds with the signature warmth and accessibility of the Columbus State we all know and love, they are taken out of concern for our collective safety and wellbeing. This is a special community. We will move forward, keeping those around us healthy and safe, together.

The Latest: Autumn instruction to be remote

(updated: 6/15/20)

  • Columbus State has announced that student instruction and services will remain primarily remote for Autumn semester. Some exceptions will be made for in-person instruction and support when remote options are insufficient.

  • Health and safety protocols governing limited in-person instruction and operations taking place now will continue through the fall. Details about shared responsibility for health and safety, including cleaning, distancing, and facial coverings, will be clearly communicated to students prior to their return to campus.

  • Limited in-person student support services will return this fall, including some Student Central functions, computer lab access, and more. We will communicate more about service delivery to students who enroll for Autumn in the coming weeks. Safety protocols will apply, and most services will be by-appointment.

  • We are working to finalize plans for all modes of delivery – online, remote, and in-person – so we can communicate broadly and thoroughly well in advance of the start of classes on Aug. 31. 

  • The fall class schedule is being updated to reflect how each class section will be delivered so students can plan and schedule accordingly. Classes taught completely online are designated “Web.” Classes identified as “Blended” that are converted to online only will have class locations removed from the schedule, with any virtual meeting expectations listed.

  • Classes traditionally presented in person (not designated as “Web” or “Blended”) will have locations removed when converted to remote instruction and designated as “Live Online” if there are virtual meeting requirements. Locations will remain within the schedule for any in-person offerings. All schedule updates will be completed by August.

  • Emergency Relief Grants: Columbus State students who are at risk of experiencing or who have already experienced additional financial expenses as a result of campus disruptions related to the COVID-19 national health emergency can now apply for a Student Emergency Relief Grant from the College. Learn More

  • The physical Bookstore location will remain closed for the start of Summer Semester. Students can purchase all course books and supplies through the Bookstore website. All online purchases will ship free of charge until July 31.

  • Supervisors have received guidance to work with employees on remote work arrangements. Employees should work with their supervisors individually to make appropriate accommodations.

  • Dr. Harrison has advised the campus to proceed with "safety, communication, and compassion." We acknowledge this period is disruptive to student learning, and we will do our best to accommodate students' needs.

  • To stay informed, please sign up for text message alerts through RAVE.

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