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Columbus State partners with Rave Wireless to provide an emergency text notification system that consists of three services; CSCC Alert, RaveGuardian and Eyewitness. CSCC Alert is a mass notification service that allows Columbus State to send a large number of messages through text, home email and voice calls to alert our students, faculty and staff of significant emergencies, provided your cell phone contact information is entered into Rave.

RaveGuardian offers two features to enhance your safety only while you are on campus or a site. The first being the timer feature which serves as a virtual security escort. With the timer feature students, staff and faculty on campus can call in to RaveGuardian, set a timer based on how long they estimate it will take them to get where they are going and leave a message indicating where they are walking from, their direction of travel and destination. This message will better enable police to locate the person if they do not deactivate the timer or need assistance. RaveGuardian also has limited ability to locate individuals through compatible GPS and cellular systems. Currently this technology cannot provide your precise location.

Once you reach your destination you must deactivate the timer, if you do not you will receive an automated call before the timer is about to expire letting you know, giving you the option to deactivate the timer. If you do not deactivate the timer before it expires you will receive a call from Columbus State Public Safety to see if assistance is needed while on campus or a site.

The other feature of RaveGuardian is the emergency number, 614-384-5927; this does not replace 911 in an emergency. This is intended to be used if you are in a situation you are not comfortable with or in an emergency after 911 has been called. The number should be stored in your phone as a speed dial number, something such as the number 9 that is easy to remember and easy to press if you need it.

Both features use your profile information to assist Columbus State Public Safety in locating and assisting those needing help. The more comprehensive and up-to-date a person’s profile, the more useful it is to Columbus State Public Safety.

If I dial Guardian’s emergency number, after calling 911, who will respond to my call for help?

A Columbus State Community College Police Dispatcher will receive your call and see your profile information on our computers. The dispatcher will verify you need help and your location then dispatch the appropriate law enforcement agency or fire department to assist you. If you do not respond we will immediately send the nearest law enforcement agency.

CSCC Campus/Site Law Enforcement Fire/EMS
Columbus CSCC Police Columbus Fire
Delaware Delaware Co. Sheriff Liberty Twp. FD
Westerville Genoa Twp. Police Westerville FD
Gahanna Gahanna Police Mifflin Twp. FD
Southeast Groveport Police Madison Twp. FD
Pickaway County Asheville Police Harrison Twp. FD
Southwestern at Grove City Grove City Police Jackson Twp. FD
Southwest/Bolton Field Columbus Police Columbus Fire
Tolles Plain City Police Plain City FD
Dublin Dublin Police Washington Twp. FD
Marysville Marysville Police Marysville FD

How do I register my mobile phone and sign up for these services?

Go to where you will use your assigned Columbus State login and password that you currently use to access GroupWise email, Blackboard and other password protected services offered by Columbus State.

What if I cannot log in at the Rave website or have other problems completing my profile?

Call the CSCC Help Desk at 614-287-5050 or email them at

My account says "profile incomplete." What else do I need to do? What information is required? 

In order for your account to be activated you have to complete three tasks. First, register your cell phone. Secondly, create your 4 digit PIN. Lastly, make sure you accept the terms and agreements, including those stating that GPS location is not guaranteed. This will complete your registration. All other information is optional. 

What type of messages will I receive?

Columbus State will only send you messages related to emergencies and incidents impacting college operations. You will never receive advertisements and your information is never provided to advertisers. Due to the limit of text characters, you should always direct your attention to the college website and the media for college updates, or additional information on Clery crime warnings.

Will Columbus State send updates on emergencies through text messages?

The Columbus State Community College Department of Public Safety will send the initial notification plus messages deemed critical such as street, building and campus or site closures that are part of the incident followed by an “All Clear” message once the incident has been stabilized for normal college operations to resume. You should check the college website and local news for situational and college operational updates.

How will I identify incoming messages from CSCC Alert?

You will be sent messages from what are known as short codes. The messages will come from either 67283 or 226787. We encourage you to save these numbers into your phone so you will recognize them when messages are sent. Some smaller carriers do not support short code messaging. For these carriers, you will receive messages from

How do I stop getting messages?

To stop getting messages, you may login to the site and remove your number, or text the word, "STOP" to 67283. After this you will no longer receive emergency alerts.

How much will this service cost me? 

Registration for this service is free to all active, current CSCC faculty, staff and students. You are only responsible for any text messaging fees and minutes charged by your cell phone service provider.

Is the information secure? 

Yes. Rave uses the latest in security technologies and processes to ensure all information is kept secure and private.

Is RaveGuardian easy to use? 

Yes, all you need to do is register and save the RaveGuardian phone numbers into your phone. All features of RaveGuardian are accessed by calling the phone numbers associated with this service.

SMS/Text messages are used to register your phone. What if I have SMS/Text messaging blocked?

During the registration process, you’ll be asked to register your cell phone. At which time a SMS/Text message will be sent to your phone with a confirmation code. To receive this message and complete the registration process you will need to contact your cell phone service provider and have SMS text messaging unblocked.

If I switch my cell phone number and provider will I need to register my information again?

If you change your cell phone number, you should immediately log into your RaveGuardian account and update your profile with your new mobile number. You will not be asked to create a new profile, however this is the perfect time to review your existing profile, and confirm the remainder of the information is up to date.

If I am inactive from Columbus State for personal reasons or leave school for a semester or any length of time will my personal profile information still be available and will I be able to use the RaveGuardian service?

NO, in the event that you separate from Columbus State, your personal profile and account information will be removed from the system after 185 days. Upon your return you will need to register your personal profile and cell phone information in the RaveGuardian account.

If I am a student, faculty or staff member can my family members register for RaveGuardian?

NO, the system is in place for current CSCC faculty, staff and students. However, please remember that ANYONE can always call CSCC Public Safety at 614-287-2525 and/or the local law enforcement agency serving that CSCC site.

Is RaveGuardian always tracking me?

No, your privacy is of utmost importance. You can only be located if an alarm timer expires or when calling 614-384-5927 on your registered cellular phone. Current cell phone GPS location technology does not guarantee precise location detection.

Once I register for RaveGuardian will my cell phone be exposed to spam messages and advertisements which I do not want?

No , your cell phone will receive only one text message that provides you with a confirmation number indicating that your cell phone has been registered. No other advertisements or spam will be sent to your cell phone.

What can I do if someone forces me to turn off my RaveGuardian timer?

RaveGuardian includes a false deactivation code to alert DPS, which is one number higher than your PIN. For example, if your PIN is 1234, you may enter 1235. RaveGuardian will appear to turn off normally, but DPS will be alerted.

How do I use Eyewitness?

To submit a tip on a crime or suspicious activity, text to 67283. In the text, type CSCCTIP and a space. Everything after the space will be sent as your tip.

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