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RAVE - Text message alerts and more

Get emergency alerts on your mobile phone. Optional Features include a Virtual Escort connected to Public Safety.

Sign For Emergency Text Alerts!

Columbus State has a text message alert system called Rave Mobile Safety, so sign up your cell today to receive these alerts. You won't be getting commercials. We're using it for emergencies on campus and snow days only. And the system is more than just text messages. You can also send it to your home email, or get voice messages to your home phone.

The video to the right will show you how to sign up, or you can just visit the Rave Mobile Safety site. Once you get there, just sign in with your regular Columbus State username and password.


Other Great Features

Virtual Escort


Using the system, you can also send a text message to Public Safety to report suspicious activity. Watch this video for how the feature works. (As in the past, you may also continue to reach them 24/7 at 614-287-2525. For emergencies you should still dial 911.)



Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

About the System

While GPS features on some cell phones can provide a general location, it's vital for subscribers using Rave Guardian to give specific locations in the virtual escort voice message or when speaking with 911 and campus police dispatchers.