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Policy and Procedures Manual

Below are all policies and procedures of Columbus State Community College. This information will be kept current at all times. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Sarah Skeen via telephone at 614-287-2416 or via email at

These policies and procedures are stored in PDF format. Please be sure you have the viewer available on your system. To download a copy of the reader, click here and download the viewer at this time. It will remain on your system and will automatically be launched with any application that requires a PDF viewer. Most systems already have Acrobat Reader on their system.

If you have problems loading Acrobat Reader, please call the Help Desk at Ext. 5050.

  • Italics = Procedures


1-01 Definitions

1-02 Vision, Mission and Values Statements

1-03 Legal Basis and Authority of the Board of Trustees

1-04 Membership of and Appointment to the Board of Trustees

1-05 Organization of the Board of Trustees

1-06 Meetings of the Board of Trustees

1-07 Notice of Meetings of the Board of Trustees

1-08 Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

1-09 Amendment or Repeal of Policy

1-10 Honorary Associate Degree

1-11 District and College Names

1-12 Trustee Emeritus Status

1-13 Fiscal Oversight

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3-01 Employee Definitions

3-02 Employment

3-03 Talent Management (Managers and Non-Bargaining Unit Staff)

3-04 Employee Salaries

3-05 Vacation

3-06 Overtime

3-07 Payroll

3-08 Fringe Benefits

3-09 Employee Privileges

3-10 Sick Leave

3-11 Absence Due to Court Service

3-13 Leave of Absence

3-14 Absence for Military Duty

3-15 Furlough

3-16 Interruption of Campus Operations

3-20 Conflict of Interest /Nepotism

3-21 Garnishment of Pay

3-22 Personnel Files

3-23 Emeritus Status

3-24 Work Schedule

3-30 Non-Disciplinary Separation From Employment

3-32 Disciplinary Action

3-36 Family and Medical Leave

3-37 Leave Donation Program

3-38 Transitional Work Program

3-39 Phased Retirement

3-40 Telecommuting

3-41 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

3-42 Equal Opportunity /Affirmative Action

3-43 Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment

3-44 Sexual Misconduct

3-45 Workplace/College Violence

3-46 Drug Free Workplace

3-47 Suicide Prevention and Response

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5-01 Responsibility and Academic Freedom

5-03 Sabbatical Leave

5-04 Degrees and Diplomas

5-05 Academic Courses and Credits

5-06 Degree Program Requirements

5-07 Approval of Degrees and Degree Programs

5-08 Graduation Requirements

5-09 Grading and Academic Requirements

5-10 Course Proposals and Syllabi

5-11 Non-Resident Credit

5-12 Non-Credit Courses

5-13 Academic Calendar

5-14 Educational Resources Center

5-15 Advisory Committees

5-16 Accreditation

5-17 Field Trips

5-18 Assessment For Student Learning

Policy 5-19 Promotion and Tenure

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7-01 Admissions

7-02 Classification of Students

7-03 Student Travel

7-04 Services to Students

7-05 Student Records

7-06 Student Fees

7-07 Student Financial Aid

7-10 Student Code of Conduct

7-13 Written Student Complaints

7-14 Felony Reporting

7-15 Veterans and Service Members Support and Assistance

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9-01 Operational Budget

9-02 Capital Expenditures

9-03 Purchasing

9-05 Bookstore and Textbook Adoption

9-06 Employee Travel and Reimbursement

9-07 Reports

9-08 Surplus Property

9-09 President's Discretionary Fund

9-10 Investments


9-12 Payment Card Industry Compliance

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11-01 College Departments

11-03 College Representations

11-04 Records Retention and Disposal

11-06 Public Records

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Chapter Thirteen: MISCELLANEOUS

13-01 Facilities Use

13-02 Smoking, Food, Beverages, and Animals in Buildings

13-03 Animals on Campus

13-05 Copyright and Royalty

13-07 Grant Proposals and Grant Administration

13-08 Institutional Review Board

13-09 College Planning Process

13-10 Requests for Services From Knowledge Resources and Planning Division (KRP)

13-11 Campus Safety

13-12, Public Use of College Grounds

13-13, Tobacco Free College *Note: Effective July 1, 2015

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15-01 Information Technology