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An internship is a mentored, work-based learning experience with an educational focus that allows students opportunities to incorporate theoretical concepts into practical work experiences under the guidance of experienced professionals. Internships are the intersection of the knowledge base and theory acquired in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. They afford students networking opportunities in professional fields they are considering for careers and allow employers to gain a glimpse of talent entering the job market.

Many of the degree programs at Columbus State Community College require internship completion. Students participate in an internship for one semester during their second year of study and course credits are offered for completed internship experiences. Additionally, while many internships are paid or include some other form of compensation, there are instances in which some are not.


Apply for an internship. Students seeking to participate in the internship program must initiate the process by completing an inquiry form. To complete an inquiry form, please click the link below.

Internship Inquiry Form

Get more information by following our Student Internship Process. And be sure to check out Tips for Student Interns.



The Columbus State Internship Program is an excellent way to develop relationships with the workforce, find future employees, be involved in the growth of the community and obtain a temporary person for your company.

According to the NACE Experimental Education Survey, over half of interns are converted to full-time employees. Additionally, more than one-third of employers reported higher retention among those converted from intern to employee within the first year of hire, and nearly half said former interns had higher retention five years after hire.

Recruit an Intern: There are two ways to submit an internship to Columbus State. Either submit it through Career Quest (our online job portal), or send it to us using the Internship Submission Form.

Internship Submission Form

Get more details by following our Employer Process.