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Student Internship Process

1) Apply Online.

To register for an internship, you must be a declared major and be entering your second year at term prior to graduation. Register by completing an online inquiry form. 


Internship Inquiry Form


2) Response Email.

Following registration, a response email will be generated with additional guidance and information aimed at preparation for your internship search. In addition, you will receive list of known sources for locating internship opportunities related to your major.

3) Internship Opportunity Search.

After receipt of the response email, a position search must be conducted by applying, interviewing, and securing an offer from an employer to be their intern. There are numerous ways to locate an opportunity. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Leveraging Personal Contacts and Networking Resources
  • Company Website Searches
  • Internship and Job Websites Sources
  • Cold Company Contact and
  • Career Fairs.

Another valuable resource in securing an internship opportunity in Central Ohio and surrounding areas is Ohio Means Internships and Coops.

4) Complete Internship Approval and Agreement Documentation.

Once you have accepted an offer to intern, extended to you by an employer as a result of your search, you must complete and submit an Internship Approval Request Form, which documents the company name, supervisor/mentor information, hours, and a detailed list of responsibilities to be executed during the internship. Be sure major emphasis is place on the responsibilities related to your major. You are also required to complete and sign the Internship Agreement Form along with your mentor.

Both the Internship Agreement and Internship Approval documents must be completed entirely, in a legible, professional manner and submitted via fax, email, or personally. Mobile device photographs, illegible and incomplete submissions will not be processed. Documentation deemed unacceptable will be returned to the submitter for correction.

NOTE: If your internship is unpaid: please ensure you complete and submit the Unpaid Internship Agreement Form.


5) Course Enrollment.

Following the submission of valid documentation your internship opportunity will be reviewed to ensure the core responsibilities align with your degree program outcomes. Once approved, you will be enrolled in the practicum/seminar for your respective program.

For additional information contact the Internship Coordinator.