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The Skilled Trades offer education in construction trades, carpentry, electrical work, plumbing and welding. These courses are ideal for students who are considering a career in skilled trade, those interested in the growing field of facilities maintenance or welding technology, or those who simply want to develop skills for their own personal enrichment.

Where will I work?

Employees in the skilled trades work in a variety of occupations depending upon their area of specialization: carpenters, electricians, sheet-metal workers, welders, etc. Regardless of your area of specialization, the job market is wide open and qualified applicants are in extremely high demand.

What are the starting salaries?

The median starting annual wage among skilled trade jobs is $42,000, but it does vary depending on which field you study. Carpenters earn an average of $53,664, while electricians average $57,741 annually. Journeyman plumber average $51,804; Millwrights average $64,062, and the average salary for a pipe welder is $62,509.