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Skilled Trades

April Hankinson

April Hankinson

"... to actually get out there and learn these applications, you learn so much more that way."

Skilled Trades offers education in construction trades, carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, and welding. These courses are ideal for students who are considering a career in a skilled trade, those interested in the growing field of facilities maintenance, or who simply want to develop skills for their own personal enrichment.

The department offers two kinds of courses:

  • Open enrollment courses -- available to anyone enrolled at Columbus State
  • Partnership courses -- restricted to students in a recognized apprenticeship program with one of our many employer partners


The department collaborates with local industry partners to create customized certificate and/or degree programs tailored to their educational and training needs. These programs can include employer-specific courses as well as traditional college coursework.

The goal is to meet all of the educational and training needs of employers at all levels within their organization. These partnerships actively involve local employers in the educational process, including recruiting, selection, curriculum development, related work experience, and final placement.

 For more information, please contact the Design, Construction, and Trades Department by email at or call (614) 287-5949.