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Career Information

The dental hygienist works as a member of a professional health care delivery team. While each state governs the practice of dental hygiene, the primary specialties of the practitioner are treating and educating patients in the control and prevention of oral disease. Typical duties include evaluating and charting oral disease and conditions, removing deposits from the teeth, exposing and processing dental radiographs, and applying preventive agents to the tooth surfaces.

General dentists or dental specialists may employ dental hygienists in private practice, hospitals, public health clinics, research institutions, public schools, business and industry, or the armed forces. New graduates who have passed licensure examinations can expect to earn on average $200.00 per day or more, depending upon the geographical location in Ohio where they choose to practice.

Individuals considering a career in dental hygiene should have a strong commitment to working with people in healthy or unhealthy conditions. A dedication to delivering competent and compassionate health care and the ability to communicate effectively are crucial to a successful and rewarding career in this profession.