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Institutional Disclosure - Student Right to Know

Higher Education Act - Annual Notice

Photo of campus during SpringThe Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (HEA98) requires institutions to provide annual notice to enrolled students of the availability of the following consumer information:

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Diversity at Columbus Statue

Security and Privacy Policy

Columbus State strives to balance academic freedom and access to IT resources with security and privacy.

IT Security and Privacy Policy

Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy (No. 3-45)

It is the established policy of Columbus State Community College not to tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment by or against any individual or group of individuals for reasons of sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, genetic information (GINA), military status,

sexual orientation gender identity and expression. The college is fully committed to providing equal opportunities in all employment-related activities, educational programs, and other activities
of the college. Anyone who is subjected to conduct that creates a discriminatory, intimidating or harassing environment should report the conduct as outlined in College policy 3-45.

Other College polices regarding Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment/Misconduct and Workplace Family and Relationship Violence may be found at the following link:


Wheelchair Access at Columbus Statue

Reasonable Accommodations

It is the Columbus State Community College policy to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities. If you would like to request such accommodations because of a physical, mental, or learning disability, please contact the Department of Disability Services, Eibling Hall 101.


99.7 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Information on rights and procedures for inspection, correction, and disclosure of information in the student's record. Student rights under FERPA are published in the College Catalog. You may obtain a copy FERPA by contacting the office of Records and Registration at 287-3635.

668.42 Financial Assistance Information

Description of student aid program, application procedures and eligibility criteria, and rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance. Information is published in the High Finance, available by contacting the Financial Aid Office, 287-2648.

Financial Aid website

668.43 Institutional Information

Information on cost, academic programs, accreditation, special services, campus contacts, refund policies, Return of Funds to Title IV, and procedures for officially withdrawing are available in the College Catalog at these locations:

  • Cost of Attending (P. 18 in College Catalog, & P. 16 in High Finance)
  • Academic Programs (p. 64)
  • Accreditation (p. 330-332)
  • Special Services (p.32)
  • Campus Contacts (p. 4)
  • Refund Policy (P. 19)
  • Return of Funds to Title IV (F.A. Home Page Letter from Director)
  • Procedures for Officially Withdrawing (P. 27)
  • General Information on physical facilities (p.8)
  • College Index (p. 335-336)

Information is published in the Columbus State Community College Catalog. You may obtain institutional information by contacting the Telephone Information Center, 287- 5353 or by accessing the following link.

For a copy of information on Return of Funds to Title IV: Contact the Financial Aid Office, 287-2659 or 287-2648, or access the following link.

668.46 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

Statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Columbus State Community College; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security such as policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault, and other matters. You can obtain a copy of this report by contacting the Public Safety Department, 287-2525 or by viewing Clery Crime Statistics.

Drug Prevention brochure.

668.47 Report on Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data (Equity in Athletic Disclosure Act)

Information on Columbus State's intercollegiate athletics programs: intercollegiate varsity teams; number of participants; operating expenses; gender, status, and salary of all coaches; revenue generated; funds spent on athletic student; and recruiting expenditures for both men's and women's teams.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) Report

668.48 Report on Completion or Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes

Information, by race and gender, on graduation rates for Columbus State student athletes.

You can obtain a copy of this report by contacting the Student Activities and Athletics Department, 287-2637.

Completion or Graduation and Transfer Out Rates

HEOA Sec. 488(a)(2) amended HEA Sec. 485(a) (20 U.S.C. 1092(a)): new HEA Sec. 485(a)(4) HEOA Sec. 488(a)(3) amended HEA Sec. 485(a) (20 U.S.C. 1092(a)): added HEA Sec. 485(a)(7): Each institution must annually make available to prospective and enrolled students the completion or graduation rate of certificate- or degree-seeking, first-time, full-time, undergraduate students. The HEOA (Sec. 488(a)(3)) added a provision requiring that the completion or graduation rates must be disaggregated by gender; major racial and ethnic subgroup [as defined in IPEDS]; recipients of a Federal Pell Grant; recipients of a subsidized Stafford Loan who did not receive a Pell Grant; and students who did not receive either a Pell Grant or a subsidized Stafford Loan (National Postsecondary Education Cooperative – NPEC – reference 25; document may be downloaded at:

Graduation/Completion and Transfer-Out Rates Report

Degrees and Certificates Awarded

Retention Rate

HEOA Sec. 488(a)(1)(E) amended HEA Sec. 485(a)(1) (20 U.S.C. 1092(a)(1)): added HEA Sec. 485(a)(1)(U): HEOA amendment effective August 14, 2008: "Institutions must make available to current and prospective students the retention rate of certificate- or degree-seeking, first-time, undergraduate students as reported to IPEDS.

Retention Rates